Export invoice finance

Export invoice finance is something that many factoring companies have gone into in a half hearted manner with many funders saying that they will finance export accounts as long as they are only a small percentage of total sales financed with just one or two operating full export financing facilities.

spot factoringFortunately a new facility has just become available from one of Factoring Solutions preferred partners who is offering single invoice factoring (also known as spot factoring) on export accounts in addition to their normal UK spot factoring product.

As with this factoring company’s UK offering the export finance will be available with no minimum contract period, no minimum fees and no problems with debtor concentration limits.

This type of export invoice finance is ideal for companies that don’t need to fund their whole turnover which is what traditional factoring companies insist on and whose cash flow indicates that they don’t need to fund all of their invoices so they don’t end up having to pay charges for funding that isn’t necessary.

If you would like to know more about this innovative product please feel free to call Factoring Solutions on 01827 707680 with no obligation whatsoever and as with any other form of factoring or invoice discounting we will never charge you any fees for our services


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