Case Study 19 – Factoring Companies setting Low Credit Limits

Factoring case studies – Low Credit Limits in Factoring We were approached by a software company that had not been trading long and having made the initial sales to one of their newly appointed distributors in Europe had just signed up with one of the major factoring companies.

Posted in February 2014

Non bank lending at it’s highest for five years

Other Lending trending upwards As bank lending continues to decline it has been reported that asset based financing to the SME sector, including factoring and invoice discounting, is on the increase according to an article in today’s Financial Times. The chief executive of the finance brokers association claimed that “there was still a lack of […]

Posted in January 2014

Miss-sold Rate Swaps – Invoice Discounting solution

Factoring and invoice discounting for companies that have been miss-sold rate swaps Companies that feel that they have been miss-sold rate swaps are in a difficult position as they seem to be unwilling to take action against their bankers for fear that the bank might withdraw it’s support. Some of these companies are looking at […]

Posted in January 2014

The perils of non recourse factoring

Two reports in the same week concerning one of the well known high street bank owned factoring companies and their non recourse facilities. One of their factoring clients suffered a reasonably substantial five figure bad debt which was underwritten by the factoring company and as a result the factoring company reduced the credit limits on […]

Posted in January 2014

The recession and the bank owned factoring companies

We have been receiving an alarming number of enquiries from clients of RBS Invoice Finance complaining that the goalposts have been moved with factoring facility limits slashed as well as a number of other actions taken that were designed to reduce the amount of funding available. RBSIF Bank Owned Factoring Companies Yesterday’s enquiry was from […]

Posted in January 2014

Bank of Scotland flounts British Bankers Association recommendations

Factoring Agreements The Chief Executive of the British Bankers Association together with Lord Mandelson told the first meeting of the Government Small Business Forum two days ago that “The UK’s leading banks are committed to helping Britain’s businesses to weather the economic downturn” and that “The UK’s banks want to see their customers flourish even […]

Posted in January 2014