Alternative finance: Should your business be taking advantage of it?

Are you looking to inject some cash into your business? It can be tough for businesses both existing and new to access finance these days, especially from the banks. This has seen a rise in so-called ‘alternative lending’. It’s a term that’s becoming more and more popular, but what is it? And more importantly, is […]

Posted in January 2016

How Factoring Finance Is Useful For Companies

Many small to medium sized companies use factoring finance or invoice discounting as a form of working capital. It allows the company to draw money against the invoices, despite the customer not having paid the money. There are many benefits as to why factoring finance or invoice discounting is a good thing but what exactly […]

Posted in September 2015

Stock finance

Stock finance is now available for companies who wish to purchase finished goods for stock in addition to the existing trade finance facilities that have been available for some time that have been geared to helping finance the purchase of goods that are presold. Although stock finance has been available in the past it has […]

Posted in February 2015

Ban on assignment restrictions on factoring to be outlawed

It has long been a source of annoyance to both factoring companies and their clients that certain companies and institutions have a clause in their terms and conditions banning the assignment of any invoice rendered to them but it looks like this practice will be coming to an end shortly as the Small Business, Enterprise […]

Posted in January 2015

Backup to the Cloud with Free 15GB from Microsoft

Free Cloud Storage SMBs Should Take Advantage of No matter how much you have, there never seems to be quite enough storage. Movies, photos, music, documents and all the other facets of modern digitised life demand space and, regardless of how many hard drives you buy and how big that new laptop’s hard drive seems, […]

Posted in August 2014

Cash Flow 101: Introduction to Managing Cash Flow Cycle

In times of economic downturn, the importance of cash flow management comes into even sharper relief. When times are lean, accessing money from banks and other lenders becomes much harder. With heightened wariness of bad investments, lenders are not only more reticent to lend but also impose much harsher, costly repayment conditions. Managing Cash Flow […]

Posted in August 2014